Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Here's a wonderful letter from a girl in Singapore.

"Hello. I wanted to thank you for your book, not even a hint,
for it was an enriching book to read.

I am a 19 year old, from Singapore. I have never had a
boyfriend, never been physicaly intimate with a man,
but in my head, it was all messed up. Though I came to
the saving grace of God some 4 years ago, it was not
until 2 years ago that I realized that even a lewd
imagination is sin. But I knew it had to be, if
indulging in it took me away from God.

I have battled with it ever since, and finally I
decided that perhaps, I needed to read this book, and
so I bought it (when no one was looking, heh).

It brought me back to the truth the Spirit of God had
been trying to emphasize upon me all this time. For a
while I had been committing the lustful desires to God,
but somehow I lost focus along the way and getting back
on track again seemed impossible. And thanks to your
book, it now seems possible again. I love the truth
that is in Galatians 5:18. That if we are led by the
Spirit we are no under the law, for we will obey God's
laws naturally. And I am challanged once again to put
on the whole armour of God as it is written in
Ephesians 6.

I am still very much challanged to take follow
something which you wrote. That if we are not able to
give thanks for a certain book or television show, then
it is not for us. It is like you have revealed to me a
truth which I rather not have known, because now I have
no excuses! But I will ponder it further, and hopefully
change the course of my life.

I am glad that you have written this book and that
although we do not know each other, you and I and every
other saint who belongs to God, past, present and
future, are being built together for a habitation of
God in the Spirit (Ephesians 2:22). I thank God for
using you to reach out to the people who are afflicted
with the sin of lust, and I pray that He will bless you
greatly for being His faithful servant. I hope you will
be encouraged to know that your work produces fruit.
Thank you so much!"?V.

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