Monday, February 09, 2004

The response we've gotten to our "free book for web log review" has been a huge hit (especially with poor college kids who can't afford to buy it. Typing is cheap!) People from dozens of countries have responded and we're already getting back great reviews. So far no one has hated the book. Here's a sample of a review found on www.onelittlevoice.com

"The (in)famous author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye and Boy Meets Girl, Joshua Harris , recently released a new book, titled not even a hint . It's a book which deals with the age-old question of lust, and the response we as Christians should have to it.

When Joshua Harris' name comes up, people tend to be polarized. They either love him or hate him. I praise God for this brother, who is doing his best to shepherd a church and to challenge Christians in holy living. I wish his Asian-American heritage would be flaunted more (Yes, he's hapa, half Japanese) - we need a solid male, Christian, Asian-American role model. But I digress, this isn't post isn't about Joshua Harris, but rather about his newest book.

One thing that I really appreciate is the growth I see as I read his books. They constantly seem to grow in the knowledge of man's depravity, the goodness of God's grace, and the joy found in seeking His heart. NEAH really takes it a notch up in that regard. It really confronts the issue of lust with the cure found solely on the cross, and relying on God's sanctification to cleanse us and make us acceptable to our loving Father.

A unique issue that this book approaches is the issue of female lust. Yes, females lust. The church seems to have overlooked this far too long and lacks the infrastructure to address this. Maybe this book will open the doors of healing and free our sisters from the shame that is far too prominent.

The book is heavy on the work of the Spirit to sanctify us. However Harris also gives practical steps - such as reading and memorizing the Word, finding accountability and being wise about the media we ingest. He is open about his real life struggles and sins that he personally deals with, and that helps close the gap between author and reader."

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