Thursday, January 29, 2004

This letter is from a member of my church. These kind of stories are a reminder of the powerful way God can use the ministry of books. I can't believe I get to be an author. Reading something like this makes me shake my head in amazement at God's kindness...

"Hi Josh,
I wanted to drop a line to encourage you and to give testimony
to God's grace in the life of my extended family through the fruit
of your labors. At the mens meeting this fall, I picked up three
copies of your book, 'Not Even a Hint.' I knew it would be a
blessing to me in my life, but I also wanted to share the book's
message with my two brothers. I purchased the books with the
intent to give them out as Christmas presents.

My youngest brother lives in Florida, and we traveled down to
celebrate his wedding to a wonderful Christian lady over the
Thanksgiving holiday. I left the book with them, gift wrapped
with several other presents, for him and his family to open at
Christmas. A couple of days after Christmas, we called down
to wish everyone a belated merry Christmas and to catch up
on the latest news. My now sister-in-law answered the phone,
and quickly began to thank me for the book.

I thought to myself, 'Book? What book?'

She said that shortly after opening the gift, she began reading it.
She went on to say that it was a very thoughtful gift; she was
enjoying its content (she had already read the first two chapters);
and it was opening her eyes and addressing issues she had not
considered before.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, I gently asked (trying to
save face), 'What book did I give you?' She replied, 'You
know, the one written by Joshua Harris; the one on lust.'

You see I had purchased the book with my brothers in mind,
not considering that the materials might benefit my sisters-in-law
too. When I wrapped the book with the other gifts, I didn't
label anything as specifically going to any one individual. Much
to my delight (and, yes, to my surprise) my sister-in-law had
opened the gift along with my brother and was now being fed
spiritually from its content!

My middle brother and his wife joined us for the road trip down
to Florida for our youngest brother's wedding. On the way
back, we gave them our Christmas gifts (including your book)
for them to take back to Pennsylvania and open as part of their

I spoke with my middle brother on the phone this past Monday
(on MLK Jr. day), and as we were concluding a good phone
conversation and getting ready to say goodbye to one another
he spontaneously added, 'Hey, thanks for getting me that book!'

He then went on at length to tell me that he had read the entire
book, and had given it to one of his colleagues at work who is
now reading it. He said that the book has opened his eyes to
the world around him. He told me that when he and his wife
are watching TV or deciding which movie to watch/rent, they
now stop to evaluate what they are watching. He also said that
now wherever he goes, he is realizing just how much the world
is selling lust. He described an ongoing dialogue with his wife,
'There's lust; that's lust'; & and concluded, lust is everywhere!

Thank you for investing your time, energy, and life into writing
such a candid and relevant book. Thank you for working to
put this message into print. May this note be an encouragement
and a testimony to the potential impact of the written word in
contemporary publishing. Thank you for investing your life in
Covenant Life Church, and praise God for impact on the
broader body of Christ (including my family!). Thank you
for your leadership and personal example."

Be encouraged,

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