Sunday, January 11, 2004

An old friend of Shannon's wrote her and mentioned that she had seen my new book at a Barnes & Noble bookstore. She picked it up, realized that it was about battling lust and "turned bright red" in embarrassment. A lady from my church wrote me and confessed that she enjoyed the book but found it difficult to give to others out of fear of what they'd think of her. She also told me about a friend she knew who was reading it but had it wrapped in brown paper so people wouldn't see what she was reading.

All these stories amused me. But they saddened me a little, too. I've gotten used to being very honest about this subject but I sometimes forget that others aren't so comfortable. Hearing these stories made me see that the reach of this book will be limited because of peoples fear. I guess I forgot that some people, even people who really need it, are too afraid to be seen reading it. That's too bad.

The publisher was always afraid "Not Even a Hint" would be a "brown paper bag" book that people wouldn't want to take to the counter and buy. I'm happy to say I don't think that has been the case. Gratefully there are many men and women (I guess about 65,000 so far) who are confident enough and real enough to be willing to buy a book on overcoming lust. And even risk being seen reading it.

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