Tuesday, January 27, 2004

In July I had to give a 1-minute pitch to a group of buyers from Wal-Mart on why they should carry my book. Talk about feeling nervous! Wal-Mart practically owns the planet these days. If they decide to carry your book it's a really big deal. Even though what I shared wasn't very impressive, God gave me a favor and they ended up deciding to do a test run. So I think it's in select stores this month.

I got this letter from a girl who found it at her local Wal-Mart...

"So I was at Wal-Mart and I found your book...Not
Even A Hint. And when I saw that it was a book about
lust I begged my mother to buy it with the last few
dollars she had.........I told her about my
situation [with her boyfriend].....and well she thought it was the right
thing to do. God Bless her for getting that BOOK!!!!!
You really said things in the book that people don't
talk about........and think about. In the past few
months the relationship between my boyfriend and I
have DRASTICALLY changed. Our conversation is
different, my TV habits are different.......I even
skipped through commericals like your Pastor did
during the super bowl football game. I realized how
much sex invades our life and.....now I need to change
that. THANK YOU SO MUCH for writing a book that
helped me and my boyfriend's relationship grow closer
to God."—D.S. Baltimore, Maryland

I think it's amazing that God knew about this girl when he led the buyers at Wal-Mart to give it a try. Isn't that incredible?

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