Wednesday, January 14, 2004

I just found another good place to buy books. It's the webstore for John MacArthur's church: www.gbibooks.com. They're featuring "Not Even a Hint." It turns out the pastor of the young adults liked it so much he bought 800 copies so he could give them to every single man and woman in the church. This is all more encouraging when he told me that he didn't really like my first two books! Here's the review he wrote for the website:

"The sin of sexual lust is mostly a private battle in the lives of men and women in the Church. And finding help in this battle is not easy. But finally, a book has been written that should find itself in the hands of all who wrestle with lustful thoughts—men and women, youths and adults. Joshua Harris's Not Even a Hint is the most biblical and appropriate treatment of this subject I have read. Harris's strategy is correct—the only hope for dealing with lust is rightly understanding and applying the truths of the gospel in our battle. Because victory in this struggle is so important, I even gave a copy away to each person in my college ministry. This is one of the rare "must reads" of the year!"—Rick Holland. Pastor, College & Youth Ministries, Grace Community Church

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