Tuesday, January 13, 2004

God is at work in hearts...Awesome! Check this letter out...

"Hi, My name is J. I am 19 and a sophomore in college in Texas. I recently purchased and read your newest book, "Not Even A Hint". I bought it Saturday night and finished it about five minutes before writing this email. I am already making plans to read it again. I'm sure you hear so many stories from so many people it's overwhelming, but God has blessed me and I wanted to let you know. I remember when your first book "I kissed dating goodbye" came out. I laughed at the thought. I thought it wasn't for me since I wasn't dating everyone in sight every weekend. When I saw "Not Even a Hint" at the bookstore I stopped dead in my tracks. Lust has been something I have seriously dealt with since I started high school. I also remember the first time I admitted it. I had been struggling for 3 years, alone. I must say that God has used your book to change my life in less than 48 hours. It made me so aware of the little sins of lust. It made me see that I CAN choose to ignore the temptations with God's strength.

I have always been one of those girls that has a steady boyfriend and is a normal amount of popular. I had two serious boyfriends in high school and this past summer was nearly engaged to a guy I met in college. I was so concerned with getting my life in order that getting married right after college was a priority and this guy was fine with that plan. Fortunately I realized he was not the man God had chosen for me about a month before we were going to get a promise ring. Since that near mistake, I have sworn off dating. At first it was because I was appalled at my ability to be so misguided. Now, it's a choice I am proud to have made. At the time, I was really seeking God's will and managed to get caught up in the fairy tale romance that unfolded. It was so wonderful I felt like only God could've arranged it. When I saw the truth, I was left feeling very cynical.

Since then, I have been fine with not dating, but I have struggled with lust more and more because there was no love life for me in the foreseeable future. This little less-than-200-page book irrevocably changed me. Or, I should say that God spoke through it to change me. Your words have touched my heart, to the very center of who God has made me to be. It truly is a freeing experience to shake off the chains of lust and embrace the freedom of the truth of sex and sexuality that is created by God. My friends and I joke that some of us are blessed with a "healthy sex drive" and we have spent minimal amounts of prayer time on it. Seems to me that this book will bring to all of our attentions the purity of heart and manner God's looking for.

I have struggled with guilt from a past relationship that left me feeling used and broken. This book has helped me to see God HAS mended the pieces and He allows me the freedom, no the joy, of choosing to be pure in all senses of the word, in every aspect of my life. I thank God that someone found the way to write this poignant book about the lies of lust and the truth of the desires God created us to have. Thank you so much for allowing God to use you like this." — J.

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