Thursday, December 11, 2003

Letter from a youth pastor...

Dear Joshua,
I just finished your book, " Not even a hint." I wanted to say it is
wonderful and completely needed in the culture today. I have read all
your books so far, and I have been very impressed with your sincerity and
honesty. I am 25 yrs old and a youth Pastor in TN. I
have struggled with my sexuality all of my life as do most young men I
suppose. The lack of resources for christians is amazing in regard to
sexual behavior. We have for years been told what not to do, but rarely
what is a proper biblical response. Thank you for this book. So many
young men want to live a righteous life before God, but like myself feel
powerless to control our sexual drives. I have ruined relationships
because of my selfishness, I am trying my best to preserve my marriage
from the sins of my past and the lust that drove my flesh deeper into
sin. This book is a powerful tool and I hope and pray that it will
become a best seller. We need it. Thanks,- B.

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