Sunday, December 07, 2003

The booksigning was fun. I always have fun hanging out in a Christian bookstore. I think I signed four books. And one was a book that I bought for a girl who came in with her friends. It's not a very good sign when you have to buy your own book to get people to take a copy home! But I think she was happy to get it.

Last week I received the following email from an 18-year-old girl:

Dear Mr. Harris,

When I was around 14 or so I got "I kissed dating
goodbye" and my parents could tell you that I went on
a crusade to get all the guys and girls in my church
to read it. When "Boy meets Girl" came out I ate it
up. I loved your ideas from both books, they were the
kind of books I would want to write if I wrote on the
subject, they confirmed many of my own ideas and gave
me many new ones to add to the mix, and they were very
encouraging. However there was one book that I was
forever searching for that simply did not exsist, and
now you've written it! I'm 18 now and I'm presently
reading the second chapter of "Not even a hint" and i
just had to stop and send you about a million thank
you's. As I believe many others have, I have stuggled
with lustful thoughts and and desires throughout my
teenage years. I'm a thinker and I was always looking
for some book I could read or some type of answer on
how I should deal with it. Instead I found many
different views on what was ok and what wasn't, and I
found that nearly everything, if not everything,
written on the subject was geared towards men. That
doesn't help me much as I am a girl and that only
seemed to tell me that it's natural for guys to have
these stuggles but I must just be some oddball, which
I've come to realise is totally untrue. Most of my
teenage years I had to find ways to formulate my own
ideas on the subject and as I read your book it seems
to me that I'm begining to come to the same
conclusions you have yourself. I always knew that God
alowed for "not even a hint" and it confused me when I
came across people that said "this much is ok, but no
more". How can that be anyways? Lust is like a drug,
if you alow even a hint then you are going to
eventualy be battling an overwhelming desire for much
more then a hint. It seems plain that thats why God
makes no alowance, because that would simply be
unnessary pressure that we would not be able to

I must say that one of the main reasons I'm so very
thankful is because I have a 14 year old friend who is
in much the same boat I was in at her age, and I
desperatly want to help her so that she does not have
to find these answers alone like I did, but I didn't
know how to go about it, and as I said, there simply
isn't much out there for us girls. The church seems to
have left us in the dust to fight our battles alone
and that has to stop, because it is God's desire to
see these WOG's (woman of God) liveing free and
unencombered, fruitful lives. I have a great desire to
help girls that are between the ages of 12 and 15,
girls at this age are bambarded with wrong and twisted
images of what they should be, and this is the age
most critical in formulating how they view themselves.
Girls that struggle with lust at this age will be in a
great bondage to shame for the remainder of there
lives if someone does not point them in the right
direction. Thank you thank you thank you for writeing
this book, it needed to be writen. I feel this book
will be a great help to both me and my friend. Thank
you for letting God use you.


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