Thursday, November 06, 2003

The Family Life Today broadcasts played the last week of October. They still have them on their website for people to listen to online.

Bob Lepine just passed on a very encouraging piece of news. We did a special "web only" interview about sexual self-indulgance. They didn't want to play it on the radio but they put it online and have gotten a great response.

The web guy at Family Life said, "The number of people who logged on to listen to the web broadcast was amazing on October 27th. On an average week day we usually log about 135,000 - 140,000 visitor minutes. On the 27th we logged 971,721 visitor minutes as a result of all those coming to the web and listening to this broadcast."

The Lord is blessing the ministry of Not Even a Hint. I am so aware of that. I just learned that it's #34 on the Top 100 booklist. Praise God!

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