Tuesday, October 21, 2003

I just got word from the publisher that the book is #4 on the "relationships" category of the CBA Best-Seller's list.

Last week Shannon and I were interviewed by Nancy Leigh DeMoss for her radio show "Revive Our Hearts." What a sweet lady. Her passion for Jesus is inspiring. The show will air in about a year and half! Hopefully the book will still be in print then.

Here's a letter I got the other day:

"Just had to comment on this book. I bought it last week and flew right through it. Excellent!! I thought it was poignant that Josh, who is married now and would seemingly have less of a problem with lust, wrote this book after he was married. It made me realize all the more that lust is a problem that doesn't stop because of circumstances; it stops when we have the right kind of perspective about who Jesus is and what the Lord desires for us!

I have been divorced for a few years and am currently in a relationship with a wonderful, growing Christian man. However, this area of lust has been, without a doubt, the ultimate weakness in our relationship and in past relationships. Josh's book is so honest, not just about lust and its traps, but about the Lord's love for us and the awesome power over ALL sin.Reading this book has definitely renewed my thirst for holiness."

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