Tuesday, September 09, 2003

On Sunday the book was sold at our church. That was very special for me. The men and women at Covenant Life are the nearest and dearest to me and to see them picking it up and saying they were excited to read it meant so much.

Today I started getting email from people who are reading "Not Even a Hint". What an amazing thing. People I don't know, most of whom I'll never meet in this life are sitting down and taking the time to read the 30,000 words I put between the two covers. Even more incredible, God is starting to use the words to encourage them. Thank you, Lord!

I know this is sort of silly, but here's the official "very first letter ever" that I opened today...

Dear Josh,
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your new book, "Not Even A
Hint". The first thing that struck me was your honesty. It was refreshing
and also encouraging to see that someone who has some celebrity to him, is
human. Not many people remember that about celebrities, even christian
ones. I know that sharing your own personal struggles with lust and
temptations must be both humbling and revitalizing. Thank you for being so
honest, because through that honesty comes the love and grace of Christ.
You have a gift to both relate to a reader as well as provoke the reader to
take a dramatic dive into changing how they see the world as well as God.
Words alone can't express my gratitude that you have written a book, that
encouraged me to have hope that I too can overcome my own struggle with lust
and that I'm not alone (women do suffer from lust as well!). My hope and
prayer is that through your ministry Jesus will continue to reach people. I
will continue to pray for you and your family as well as your ministry team.
Stay strong in faith!
Your sister in Christ,

That's why I wrote. God has answered my prayers in K's letter. Thank you, Father.

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