Thursday, August 21, 2003

Today I'll see the book for the first time. This morning I spent time thanking God and journaling about all the ways that He has made writing this book possible. It's so good and so humbling to list all the other people God used along the way to shape the book. From CJ's encouragement, my caregroups care of my soul, Jeff's advise on the title, the elders of Covenant Life releasing me to write, David and Heather Kopps invaluable editing...it's obvious that God alone deserves the glory.

I found out yesterday that Focus on the Family is going to play a tape of my message "Not Even a Hint" on their radio show October 1 or 2nd. Incredible! It was originally given to an all-male audience, but Dr. Dobson is going to make it clear on the intro and outro that the book is for both men and women.

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