Friday, August 08, 2003

Okay, here come a bunch of random thoughts...

I'm sitting in a Chicago hotel. It's way too late and I should be asleep. But I haven't posted for awhile so I'm going to stay up a little longer. I'm here with 8 other pastors from my church attending a church conference.

The book is coming out in less than a month. I'll see it for the first time at CBA Canada, the bookseller's convention there. At CBA America they only had mock-ups of the book. By the way, God really blessed my time there. I did a lot of interviews, got to hang out with Louie and Shelley Giglio a little and got to watch my pastor, CJ Mahaney, and his wife Carolyn promote their books. (Carolyn just released "Feminine Appeal" which is incredible. If you're a girl, go buy it.) The highlight was doing an interview on Family Life Today with Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine. We did two shows, then taped a special "web only" show about masturbation. They didn't feel it was appropriate to air on the radio but wanted to address the topic.

I just got word that Dr. Dobson is going to air a taped message of "Not Even a Hint" sometime after the book comes out. I was floored! What an amazing honor. The fact that he would use something I've done is incredible to me. God is good.

There's a chapter in the book that addresses the topic of media. I've found that TV and movies is huge source of temptation for people. Recently I discovered this company that actually edits movies (VHS and DVD) of all bad content. I mean they take out everything, which is cool. It's online at www.familyflix.com. I ordered something to test it out. Obviously, I don't think it's wise to order ungodly movies whose plots alone are wrong, but there are certain films that this kind of service is perfect for. But I don't know I need to think more about the whole idea. Some friends I know feel that buying the movie to be edited supports the movie industry in making inappropriate films.

If anyone besides my grandmother is still reading this...and you're planning to get the book when it comes out, let me make a request. Order a copy from Amazon.com. The secular world pays attention to amazon and books that sell well there can actually get on best-sellers lists. So if if you would, pre-order the book there and help create a little buzz. Then if you tell 100 friends to do the same thing and they all tell a 100 friends... well within a few weeks all 6 billion people on the planet will own a copy. Gosh, I'm a savvy marketer.

Good night.

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