Thursday, April 10, 2003

waiting...waiting...waiting. I sent chapter 10 to my editor on Tuesday. He's reading through the whole book once more before it goes to line edit. I can't believe I'm this close to being done. Thank you, God!

The question on soft cover or hard cover is still unresolved though. My editor wrote:

"I wonder how 'hardback' translates to teens and 20somethings. I propose they're kind of a use-and-discard bunch, not collectors, at least of books. A gifty package like you're describing says (or at least implies), 'I want to leave this lying around the apartment or on the toilet tank for my friends to notice and read.' It also says, 'I'm going to enjoy going back to this book often in the future.' My daughter, for example, has plenty of these beautiful, graphic driven hardbacks from Chronicle Press and so on and that package probably works for a Chicken Soup inspirational book like Danae Jacobson's book [Things I've Learned Lately is the book that inspired the idea of this format]. On the subject of lust though, I don't know. I suspect that readers will say what every person going into rehab says--'I'm going to whip this problem and then I'm going to move on problem free.' This would not be a cognitive statement, mind you, but I propose a strong subconscious need and assumption no matter what you say in the book. But a hardback says that the buyer wants to 'keep the problem,' so to speak, and shelve it carefully next to Oswald Chambers, Rick Warren and company. Your hardcore reader will do that anyway, but I'm not sure about your average youth group kid. Also, a paperback helps churches to buy in bulk for group and class studies, etc, which is where your book has a terrific opportunity to find a long and useful life, I believe."

Okay, this is officially more complicated than I wanted it to be! I'm not sure what I think. I just liked the feel of the hard back self-cover (kind of like "Prayer of Jabez" only a little bigger and bulkier). But if this is a hindrance to kids getting it I'm happy to change it. Aaaah, the joys of publishing.

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