Wednesday, April 16, 2003

On Sunday I got a copy of the new edition of I Kissed Dating Goodbye. It looks really good. There's nothing quite like holding a new book in your hands for first time. I remember how anticipating that moment would inspire me in moments of writer's block.

Today I'm heading down to Dallas for the Hispanic Youth Congreso. It's been strange getting back into the "youth speaker mode." I guess I'm just a homebody these days. Speaking at Acquire the Fire last Saturday was quite an experience.

I haven't done anything on the book for the last two days. But today C.J. went over chapters 9, 10 and my rework of chapter 6. He thought it was strong. Praise God! That was very encouraging. My prayer is that it will free many people from the treadmill of shame they've been on.

I haven't heard anything from Jennifer on the line edit.

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