Friday, April 11, 2003

My editor David read through my manuscript and has officially handed it off to a girl named Jennifer who is going to the do what is called the "line edit." The following email is one that I sent Jennifer in response to Dave's instruction to her:

"Hello, Jennifer! It looks like we're teaming up once again! I hope you're doing well.

I just wanted to add my voice to Dave's in saying how much I'm looking forward to getting your perspective on this book. Please give me your honest perspective.

I agree with almost everything Dave said in his note. The only thing I'd qualify relates to the following comments:

"Watch for tone shifts and fix them where you notice. Josh slips from casual conversation into churchy diction at times. It's the influence of the Puritans he reads, I guess. Watch for too many musts and shoulds, for words like "licentious" and "flesh" and such."

There's truth to this, but there will also be places where I'm very purposefully using words. So I'd want to track changes like we did with the IKDG repack so I can approve them. In some places there are theological truths I'm trying to emphasize by using somewhat "stuffy" words related to sin. So just let me see your suggested edits.

Thank you, Jen. I'm so glad you're going to be involved in this project."

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