Wednesday, April 23, 2003

I'm in New York. I told Dave I wanted him to make me look cool, tall and not balding. He said they don't make trick lenses that good.

I just got this email from a girl. It reaffirms the decision to make the book for men and women. She writes:

"I was at a guy friend's house one day talking with a group of people about lust. The guys were talking about the bombardment of porn all over the media, etc., and they said that girls were lucky that they don't have to worry so much about lust, because their minds don't work that way. I spoke up and told them that girls have to worry about lust too--it just attacks girls different than it does guys. We read romance novels, and see television shows that portray this perfect relationship with this perfect man, and we begin to idolize and lust after that. We struggle with taking our thought life captive and not letting it run wild with images of the perfect boyfriend, husband, children, home, etc. For us, we must choose to surrender these thoughts to God and trust Him to write us a love story in His perfect timing. The guys were honestly surprised. They never realized that we even struggle with that. I think it's an important thing for guys and girls to be aware of. Even if your thoughts aren't pornographic, that doesn't mean they're okay."

The chapter "Guys and Girls" speaks to this very issue. While I don't encourage men and women to discuss the subject of lust together I do think that we can help each other in this fight. That requires that we understand the unique temptations we face.

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