Tuesday, April 08, 2003

I received this sad letter recently:

"Dear Josh,

Here's my story. Immoral boy meets moral girl. Boy convinces girl to give more of herself physically than she ever has before, and she complies because she thinks it's love. Love equals marriage, and hey if they?re getting married, then God won't mind what they do together now.

Eventually, girl sticks to her morals and refuses to have sex with boy and he dumps her, citing other reasons but making it plainly obvious that the lack of sex was one of them. So it's over? I wish. Since the physical aspect had become such a predominant part of the relationship and the girl's life, she now finds herself craving it after the break-up. Because she didn't listen to God and caved into lust, she now battles it on a daily basis."

Today I'm working on chapter 10 titled "Holiness is a Harvest." I pray it will help people like this girl understand that every day through our big and small decisions we're either sowing to the flesh or to the spirit.

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